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Businesses intend to privatize Playa Teco de Maimón to develop an ambitious tourism project

PUERTO PLATA.- A whirlwind of comments has come to light before public opinion, with the central theme – the intentions to privatize Teco beach in Maimón and behind this is presumably the current district director of Ramon Saldaña and a businessman connected to the Carnival Cruises Lines.

So far only a lot of speculation has been heard in addition to the silence of the competent authorities, while in the comments of citizens who say that powerful people seek to privatize Teco beach in Maimon to install several businesses linked to tourism .

Some local media says that Ramon Saldaña is associated with the entrepreneur Fabio Valenzuela, to undertake a tourism project on the beach Teco, because it is a few meters from the cruise terminal Amber Cove owned by the Carnival Corporation.

Several popular and social organizations are opposing attempts to privatize Teco beach, pointing out that such a common place should have unlimited access to free recreation, despite the interests that the district authorities of Maimon may have.

Source: Detras Del Rumor

Jan 7, 2017

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