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Brooklyn woman is suing Delta Air Lines for removal from a plane and her detention inside a Dominican Republic airport

A Brooklyn woman is suing Delta Air Lines for her humiliating removal from a plane and her hellish detention inside a Dominican Republic airport.

Nerys Grullon, 45, alleges she was separated from her family — and then kept inside a Punta Cana airport room where a Delta employee told her she’d be sexually assaulted at a notorious local jail.

Grullon suffered through wrongful imprisonment, defamation and the intentional infliction of emotional distress, according to her lawsuit filed Thursday in Brooklyn federal court.

“I keep trying to picture this,” said Grullon’s lawyer, James Brauchle. “This woman, alone in a foreign country, the threat she’s received about being sexually assaulted and being raped. She’s now terrified of the Dominican Republic. She’s not been back, will not go back. That’s her birthplace. She absolutely refuses to ever go back. She’s terrified.”

Brauchle said his client, a social worker, did not want to be interviewed by the Daily News.

“The whole ordeal has just been very traumatic for her,” he said.

In August 2016, Grullon and family members came to the Punta Cana airport. They had spent the past week seeing relatives in the Dominican Republic, Brauchle said.

The first sign of turbulence was when Delta failed to provide Grullon’s 88-year-old mother with a wheelchair. The senior citizen had to walk to the gate, which made Grullon’s party the last travelers to board.

The bags of other passengers took up the bin space. A flight attendant “began rudely yelling” at Grullon that she’d have to check her bags — but Grullon actually found some space, the suit says.

The attendant came back with a co-worker who demanded Grullon’s “side of the story.” Grullon said there was no other story to tell — just that she secured her bags.

The attendant said Grullon would be removed. A male gate agent arrived and allegedly grabbed Grullon by the arm, pulling her down the aisle and out of the aircraft. The man cursed out the bilingual Brooklynite in Spanish, swearing in front of passengers and crew.

Some of Grullon’s family tried to follow her out, but Delta employees allegedly threatened them with arrest, the suit says. They stayed put and the plane left.

Meanwhile, Grullon said the same gate agent and two airport security officials — all men — took her to a private room.

They allegedly commented on her appearance and said the local jail was a nasty place. The agent said Grullon would “surely be raped” and “ripped apart” while locked up, according to the suit. He claimed she’d be incarcerated for up to three years on his claims she cursed, threatened one of the flight attendants and caused a disturbance.

The agent laughed as she cried, Grullon’s lawsuit said.

A Dominican prosecutor showed up, but doubted any crimes had occurred.

But the airline insisted Grullon sign a release — otherwise, it’d keep trying to convince the prosecutor that laws actually had been broken, she recalled.

Brauchle said the legal release didn’t hold water because Grullon signed it in a pressured situation.

Grullon said it was a full six hours before she was let go. Brauchle said Grullon found a hotel room and took another flight to New York the next day — on JetBlue.

Grullon’s suit said she “missed time from work, experienced and continues to experience shame, humiliation, embarrassment, and mental and physical distress.”

Delta didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


June 17, 2017

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