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Automated inspections coming in 2018

More than half of the almost two million vehicles in circulation in the Dominican Republic would not pass a rigorous technical revision to determine if the vehicle is adequate for circulation, according to Luis Molina, coordinator of the Dominican Alliance for Safety and Road Mobility (Avial). He estimates that 1,230,503, or 70% of the 1,757,862 vehicles in circulation, including 100% of the public transport vehicles, would not pass real inspections.

The National Institute for Transit and Land Transport (Intrant) recently announced that real inspections would begin in 2018. But Luis Alba doubts the Intrant will have sufficient workshops to carry out the inspections, as reported in Diario Libre. He also speculated the Intrant would have inherited the old tricks from its predecessor, the OTTT that consistently has allowed inadequate vehicles to continue to circulate.

The director of the Intrant, Claudia Franchesca de los Santos has said preparations are underway so that in the second half of 2018 the first Annual Technical Vehicular Revision be started. All vehicles would be subject to the reviews. Workshops fitted with automated inspection equipment will be certified to carry out the inspections all year round. She announced that the public transport vehicles that do not pass the test will be scrapped.

Raising awareness for the need for the inspections is the recent death of a 28-year old, her 14-year old sister and 3-year old niece, in a vehicle that had been imported with the driver’s wheel on the opposite side and reassembled here incorrectly causing the driver and passengers to die from inhaling poisonous gases. De los Santos has said these deaths could have been avoided with the inspection that would have caught the serious defect.

The new inspections will be available all year round and drivers will have 30 days to comply with the recommendations of the workshops. Failure to carry out the inspection and post the passed ticket is a public employee minimum wage.

Intrant has also announced that the plan is to inspect the used vehicles upon arrival to the three authorized Dominican ports.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Nov 23, 2017

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