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Anthropologist alerts to altar boy practice

Anthropologist Tahira Vargas recommends that the practice of altar boys be banned in the country. She says that the Roman Catholic Church is very powerful in the country and there is no control of their religious activities.

The altar boys accompany the priests in mass and other religious activities. She said this would be a way to avoid sexual abuse. A recent church sexual abuse case has come into the open after a Catholic priest was accused of the murder of an altar boy in Hainamosa. The murder may have occurred so that the priest could prevent the victim, 16-year old Fernelis Carrión, from revealing photos he had of him having sex with the priest. Supposedly, the victim had been abused since he started as an altar boy at the priest’s church when he was six years old.

Vargas said that many Catholic and Christian families bring their children to the church, seeking refuge from dangerous street activities. But in her opinion, the strengths of the church may be their weaknesses.

She said, in her opinion, the Catholic Church acts above the Constitution. She says most do not dare question the actions of the church leaders. “This has resulted in that whatever a priest does in a community is fine, and there is no possibility to question the power of the priests and what they do with boys and girls, and no one dares denounce them, which results in silence and complicity,” she said.

Source: DR1, 7dias

Aug 22, 2017

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