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Another concert at the Amphitheatre of Puerto Plata

PUERTO PLATA.- Last Saturday was the fourth edition of musical show “Puerto Plata is joy” in the amphitheater La Puntilla with a fusion of typical merengue, bachata, orchestra and urban genre to gather on the same stage to Yovanny Polanco, Joe Veras, Rubby Pérez and Don Miguelo.

In the chronicle of journalist Thelma Figueroa Amador, it is explained that the first artist to come on stage was typical merenguero Yovanny Polanco, who arrived “armed” with his accordion at 8:35 p.m., interpreting the themes: “Story of a great love “,” To drink with Juan “,” I no longer love you “,” I was the love of his life “,” You know no “and said goodbye with the song” But tell me. ”

At 9:37 p.m., the entrance with “La Voz alta del merengue” was made by Rubby Pérez and with his powerful voice he presented the songs “You are going to fly”, “Hypocrisy”, “Foolish heart”, ” “Dog other people,” “Madly in love,” “I will return” and “I will not cry.”

“Good evening! I am happy to be here and share with you this special moment because the merengue is the rhythm that identifies the Dominicans and is the flag of the country. With our rhythm we tell foreigners about ourselves. Long live the Dominican Republic! “Rubby said excitedly.

His musical repertoire continued with his most recent single in promotion “Ni stupid, no brute”, authored by maestro Ramón Orlando and a song in homage to the late typical merengue Tatico Hernández.

“In 1986 I dared to leave the orchestra of Wilfrido Vargas. It was a big scare for me, but fortunately I made a CD that stuck from side to side and from then on, God gave me the opportunity to at least put a theme in the year. You can not imagine what’s going on in the music. There are many factors against it. But you have to follow and not look back, because those who envy you is because they want to be like you and can not, “said Perez to then make a potpourri of his greatest hits since his release as a soloist in 1986.

The “medley” featured songs such as “Buscando tus besos”, “Contigo”, “Ave de paso” and “Enamorado de ella”. With “The African”, Rubby Perez was able to set up a huge party, putting the crowd on their feet, which allowed them to “raise their hands and make a noise” and then step off the stage at 10:40 and give way to the bachatero Joe Veras, who with his guitar in hand crossed “The wall”, armed “The whisper” and became “The man of your life”.

“The Dominican Republic is the identity of joy. This is a country that enjoys itself wherever we want and that is why we enjoy it with pride “, expressed Veras to sing the theme “Acéptame como soy”, siguiendo con “El molde”, “Cartas de verano”, “Te invito a ser infiel”, among other songs to culminate at 11:48 p.m.

The closing of the concert “Puerto Plata is joy” in its fourth version was in charge of the urban exponent Don Miguelo, who continued the rumba at 12:16 pm with the themes “Mataide”, “7 locas”, “Como yo le doy”, “No me compares”, “Suelta ese tipo en banda” , “La hoja se volteó”, among others.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Aug 1, 2017

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