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AMET will not bother with tinted windows

Members of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (AMET) will not be issuing traffic tickets to those drivers whose windows are tinted, because Article 193 of the newly enacted Law 63-17 does not contain any sanctions for tinted windows. This was communicated to the agents by the commanding general of the AMET, Frener Bello Arias.

The AMET director told his service men and women “we have seen and heard through the media that some AMET agents are carrying out operations that fine drivers of vehicles that have tinted windows, so we therefore call on each and every one of our officers to note this practice must be discontinued because article 193 of Laws 63-17 on Movement, Ground Transportation, Traffic And Highway Safety does not contemplate the application of any infractions for tinted windows.”

The traffic tickets previously issued by AMET agents were sanctioned by Resolution 1123-2014 by the Directorate General of Transportation on 11 October 2014 that allowed drivers to darken side and rear windows. Article 193 of the new traffic law refers to obstruction of the drivers vision and says: “Drivers who drive a motor vehicle and have objects that block visibility, such as signs, stickers and other such objects on their front windshield will be subject to a fine equal to one minimum wage as paid in the public sector in addition to the points on the license as determined by the regulations. Neither should packages or objects that block visibility be carried. Nonetheless there will be no punishment when these are placed within a square no greater than 15 cm x 15 cm (6” x 6”) or on the side windows in back of the driver.”

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

June 8, 2017

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