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AMET agents caught peeing in public

Recent photos of members of the AMET traffic police urinating in public spaces sped through the social media and yesterday afternoon. AMET announced that the two officers involved (mentioning name and rank) had been discharged from the service.

In a response to the citizen uproar, General Frener Bello Arias, the AMET commander, looked at the images and ordered an investigation into the case.   As a result, he ordered both individuals to be relieved of their duties at AMET. He told reporters from El Nacional newspaper that the behavior of the officers was against the rules and morals of the institution as well is a lack of respect for citizens and therefore unacceptable.

General Bello told reporters: “We must practice by example, and this action does not correspond to the discipline are officers must display in public.” The general goes on to say the following: “while it is true that this is a physiological necessity, these men should have found alternatives so not to conduct themselves in an embarrassing manner. The streets and avenues of the country should be a source of pride and are institution takes seriously our mission to uphold these values.”

Source: DR1

May 13, 2017

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