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After 13 years in court, Canoa and Morfe get two years in jail

The Court of Appeals in Puerto Plata sentenced Gabriel Antonio Mora (Canoa) and Eddy Morfe to two years in prison for a RD$185 million municipal diversion of funds in the Cabarete Municipal District after 13 years of a seemingly unending legal battle. The appellate court also fined Canoa for a sum in excess of RD$800,000 and Eddy Morfe to RD$900,000.

The case was heard because of the efforts of foreign resident Michel Gay-Crocier who spearheaded the fight to put a stop to the abuses made by the municipal officer with strong ties in the central government.

Judges Juan Suardí García (president), Xiomara Tineo Reyes, Francisco Antonio Sánchez, Miguelina de Jesús Beard and Aloide de Jesús Matías Cueto issued the ruling on 1 September 2017.

As reported in Cabarete Noticias, Eddy Morfe attended the reading unlike Canoa who did not appear in the reading of the sentence.

The Puerto Plata Appeals Court with the new ruling revoked the sentence of September 1, 2014, where both had been relieved of having to reimburse the RD$185 million pesos in the district council of Cabarete. The public ministry was represented by the Office of the Special Prosecutor for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (PEPCA).

Quiterio Cedeño, president of Cicom news agency, has been following the case all these years and highlights how it took 13 years, two audits, even the involvement of former Attorney General Francisco Domínguez Brito, major damages to the Cabarete Lagoon, for the ruling to be heard. Cedeño says the ruling is ridiculous compared to the amount of taxpayer money that was stolen. “But it is an important achievement when having a justice where there are rarely convictions or rulings against those who steal public money. In this battle it is noteworthy the absence of organizations, business people, political parties and all those who are concerned about corruption.”

Source: DR1, Cabaretenoticias

Sep 5, 2017

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