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Acento: Report on the multimillionaires in the Medina cabinet

Acento is carrying a report on the multimillionaires in the Medina cabinet. The report reveals that the stated wealth of the ministers and President Danilo Medina and Vice President Margarita Cedeno adds up to around RD$3 billion. The report only takes into account the written statement of wealth, a legal requirement.

As of 2016, government ministers are required by Decree 92-16 issued by President Danilo Medina himself to present their Tax Agency (DGII) tax payments for the declared amounts. The Newsletter 5 of the Social Laboratorio Father José Antonio Esquivel listed most of the ministers as not complying with the requirement of filing their DGII tax certificate of payment of taxes for the declared worth.

President Danilo Medina
2012: RD$21,744,279
2016: RD$23,005,429
Difference: RD$1,261,149

Vice President Margarita Cedeño
2012: RD$21,122,605.200
2016: RD$27,026,722.00
Difference: RD$5,904,116

Administrative Minister of the Presidency José Ramón Peralta
In 2012 declared RD$145,356,357.00
By 2016, declared RD$269,155,707.80, an increase of RD$123,799,350.80

Minister of the Presidency Gustavo Montalvo
2012: RD$19,021,639
2016: RD$27,0555,775
Difference: RD$8,034,136

Public Works Minister Gonzalo Castillo
2012: RD$145,379,852
2016: RD$504,656 443
Difference: RD$359.2 million

Foreign Relations Minister Miguel Vargas Maldonado
2011: RD$391,545,108
2016: RD$694,605,700,
Difference: RD$303,060,592

Agriculture Minister Angel Estevez
2016: RD$171,309,520
Difference: RD$33,379,448.

Interior and Police Minister Carlos Amarante Baret
2012: RD$16,000,000
2016: RD$25,552,798
Difference: RD$9,552,798

Public Health Minister Altagracia Guzman Marcelino
2012: RD$16,083,000
2016: RD$25,440,570
Difference: RD$9,357,570.33

Environment Minister Francisco Dominguez Brito
2012: RD$11,163,026
2016: RD$19,654,886
Difference: RD$8,491,860

Superior Education, Science & Technology Minister Alejandrina Germán
2012: RD$7,550,000
2016: RD$13,781,205
Difference: RD$6,231,205.

Youth Minister Robiamny Balcacer
2012: RD$7,806,250
2016: RD$13,955,981
Difference: RD$6,149,731

Labor Minister Jose Ramon Fadul
2012: RD$19,305,593.00
2016: RD$25,382,838.50

Education Minister Andres Navarro
2012: RD$20,140,729
2016: RD$27,331,918
Difference RD$7,191,189.00

Energy and Mines Minister Antonio Isa Conde
2012: RD$71,761,959
2016: RD$72,645,112
Difference: RD$883,152.6

Hacienda Minister Donald Guerrero
2016: RD$768,321,216

Culture Minister Pedro Verges
2016: RD$44,837,772

Defense Minister Ruben Paulino Sem
2016: RD$35,545,163

Sports Minister Danilo Diaz

Economy and Planning Miniser Isidoro Santana
2016: RD$28,502,955

Women Minister Janet Camilo
2016: RD$15,689,256.50

Tourism Minister Francisco Javier Castillo
2012: RD$39,407,064
2016: RD$35,849,234.30
Difference: -RD$3,557,829

Industry & Commerce Minister Nelson Toca Simo
2016: RD$31,029,725

Source: DR1, Acento

Oct 28, 2017

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