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Abuses by National Police continue in the Sosua Cabarete Puerto Plata area

Sosúa.- In the last few weeks, concerns have affected residents of the municipalities of Montellano, Sosúa, Cabarete, and Sabaneta, not only because of police abuses, but also because of assaults attributed to National Police patrolmen, who detain people in dark places, they ask for documents but when they present them documents, the police demand money, the abused people are lined up and stripped of what they have, then the police threaten them if they talk they would kill them.

For whistle blowers now the situation is worse, however it is necessary for authorities to take care of this situation.  Mothers of young people who have to arrive at work in early morning hours, say that the situation is making them very uneasy, because until their children arrive and confirm that they have arrived safely at work, they can not stay calm, as the police can stop them and strip for money.

The superiors of the Institution of the Order don’t seem to listen to the repeated complaints of the population and some can even justify them.


A- Last week in Montellano the case of 2 PN agents who allegedly assaulted a citizen at a gunpoint.

B- In Sosúa, Maranatha sector, reportedly a motorized PN patrol arrested a young man who was returning from his work on Thursday at about 10:30 pm, the police forced him to go to the drug store to get them some money, so they could release him.

C- In Cabarete Islabon 6 police men after 7 pm stopped a citizen, who was returning from his work, checked his documents and when they were up to date they told him that he had to give them money and they took everything he had.

Source: Detras del Rumor

Aug 30, 2017

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