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ISLA Academy: An innovative educational center for children of all ages, located in Playa Laguna, Sosua

I​SLA Academy opened its doors less than a year ago, and it has already earned the popularity and respect of the local community. ISLA Academy is a unique space, created by a group of young, entrepreneurial, education- driven people. The school is conveniently located in Playa Laguna residential (Sosua), and offers a spacious area with a villa, swimming pool, gardens, playground, and nearby beach access.

ISLA Academy aims to inspire children to question and explore the world around them.  They are a green organization and with all of their actions, hope to inspire responsibility towards the protection of the Earth. Academic programs are progressive and student-driven.  Each child is valued for his or her individuality and is encouraged to find his or her own gifts and talents. Students will learn to work with others and to appreciate the gifts of their own rich cultures.  ISLA Academy values “learning by doing” and play and exploration are not only allowed, but encouraged.  ISLA students are citizens of the world, with visions toward the future.

ISLA Academy’s administrative staff and team of educators have built and taught in internationally accredited schools in the Dominican Republic, United States, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, South Korea, China, and Vietnam.  They know what world-class education looks like and what it takes for your child to be prepared to compete on an international standard of excellence.

ISLA Preschool – At the ISLA Preschool Academy, students receive a high-quality education from certified teachers and dedicated administrators.  The growth of each student academically, emotionally, and socially, their unique learning needs, and their desire to explore and play are the highest of priorities at ISLA Academy.

Curriculum at a glance:

Four 9-week Science/Social Studies Units

Language, Math, Spanish, Music, Art, PE, and Drama, Gardening, and Cooking integrated within the units

Student-centered learning opportunities

Play-based learning, outdoor exploration, and eco-mindedness

Thoughtful curriculum based on assessment

ISLA Homeschool – ISLA Academy’s Homeschool Program is a completely unique, fully-accredited educational experience combing recent innovations in computer-based educational programs, hands-on experiential activities, deep investigation through project-based learning, and teacher-led activities under the supervision of highly experienced international educators.

Our students participate in community service, student government, field trips, and enriching academic clubs like Spanish, cooking, art, and book clubs. Each student’s curriculum is based on their own interests and academic needs.

Students have access to on-campus tutors, swimming pool, computer labs, library, playground, sports facilities, cafeteria, private study rooms, gardens, and beach access.

Come in for a free consultation.

ISLA Playschool- ISLA Playschool Academy offers a variety of fun, interactive “Mommy and Me” style classes throughout the week, where parents or caregivers join their young children for exciting and diverse learning experiences, for children from infant to preschool. Your little ones can take classes in gymnastics, music, swimming, early science, art, reading and more. Playschool is fun for your kids and great for you. Parenting young children is amazing, but we all know it is not without its difficulties. Meeting other parents, sharing your stories, watching your baby giggle and grow— that’s what Playschool is all about. ISLA Academy also offers a free weekly playgroup. Check our website or Facebook page for updates on schedules.

ISLA Afterschool – Sports, swimming, book clubs, arts and crafts, cooking, gardening— these are just a few of the fun things we do during after school.  Not only that, your child has daily supervised homework time under the tutelage of a licensed international instructor.

ISLA Summer Camp – We live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Don’t let your kids spend their summer in front of a screen! Each week ISLA campers participate in field trips to discover the true beauty of the island, regular swimming activities, horseback riding, beach picnics and exploration, music lessons, arts and crafts, organized sports, Olympics Day, guest storytellers, guided hands-on science experiments, daily reading opportunities, dramatic play, cooking classes and much more.

View our Summer Camp 2015 photos on Facebook (link!).

ISLA Events – ISLA Academy’s beautiful campus is home to a number of community events. You may also contact us via email at to seek information about using the facility for classes, organizational meetings, or special events.

Contact details:

Tel: 829-827-ISLA (4752)
Playa Laguna, Sosua, Dominican Republic

    isla academy sosua

isla academy sosua  isla academy sosua  isla academy sosua

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