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“Queen of Grifters” finally arrested

A woman referred to as the “Queen of Grifters” who had defrauded more than 100 persons of over RD$10 million has been captured by the National Police. According to the press communiqué referred to by the Diario Libre, the woman, Adalgilsa Reyes Mota (alias Amanda), is accused of fraud, extortion and cheating over 100 persons using several schemes. The woman was arrested under a warrant issued in November 2016.

The accused used an Internet webpage to sell different articles, to rent vehicles for one day and then later rent the same vehicles to third parties for 30 days, when they would be reclaimed by the legitimate owners.

The defendant also rented rooms in different apart-hotels, for which she would receive amounts equivalent to several months rent, while paying for a stay of only one or two days, whence the guests would be taken out of their rooms for nonpayment.

“Amanda” would also pose as a pastor of different evangelical groups and get money from the churchgoers to carry out projects that were never implemented.

She also posed as a high-ranking officer of a ministry and offered bonds to the employees in exchange for cash, but never delivered the bonds.

The indicted woman is currently is in custody within the Justice Department, and the Justice Department has issued a call to all those persons who have been cheated to appear before the office of the District Attorney of the National District and talk to Pedro Amador Espinosa and magistrate Evelyn Cadette, who is the director of the Robbery Division.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Aug 11, 2017

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