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Why don’t politicians get arrested in the DR?

In an editorial on Monday, 26 December 2016, Diario Libre tries to answer the question “why don’t politicians get arrested in the DR?” despite the many claims of mismanagement of government resources. The DR does not follow the trend for arrests that has swept through Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Brazil and several other regional countries.

In his attempt to answer the question posed to him by a foreign friend, the newspaper’s executive editor Adriano Miguel Tejada says the main reason is the absence of a major economic crisis in the country that would lead to widespread discontent and civil uprising. He comments that to prevent this crisis, the government has taken on public debt.

The second reason is the extraordinary control that the ruling PLD party has over all the institutions in the country. He recalls that the few cases when political leaders have been accused and sent to jail have occurred after changes of government, with the most emblematic that of Dr. Salvador Jorge Blanco, the PLD government’s PEME scandal and the PRD’s Plan Renove.

“But the Dominican Liberation Party learned the lesson, and by controlling the institutions, has been able to remove the most resounding cases in which key party figures are involved, given that their sentences would have affected more heavyweight politicians,” he writes.

“Of course, the lack of a true civic attitude against corruption and persistence in the effort, together with the complicity of all the parties of the ‘system’ has prevented justice from being served against the corrupt,” he writes.

“And then I understood why others were sent to jail. The politicians tell us that the others are the bad ones. They are angels,” he concludes.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Dec 27, 2016

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