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Who’s really behind the shut down of Sosua’s nightlife

Who’s really behind the government approving that the Police and military can openly harass, interrupt, shut down, and destroy Sosua’s night life and economy?

There’s an Association in existence in Sosua which in reality represents the team and priorities of a large seaside development company of Sosua. They have now again managed to get the Mayor and government’s support to continue the abuse and bullying of Sosua’s bar and restaurant owners, by approaching them with illegal documentation with demands for compliance to opening hours that never actually became the law.

The large Sosua seaside developer is the driving force behind the many attack on Sosua’s night life and economy, possibly paying off corrupt officials to use the Police and Army in order to drive the prices down on Sosua’s town center real estate. Many bar and restaurant owners have already been approached by members of the large seaside developer to ask if they would sell their businesses or properties, and for how much.

The excuses “We’re trying to clean up Sosua” is nothing but a lame excuse to get in full control of Sosua, a nasty bully game played by greedy/wealthy investors and greedy politicians! And their army for enforcing this BS, is every uniformed officer – the same officers that are frequently seen and heard about, who earn their cut ($) from money thefts or extortion scenario’s from tourists and expats, rather than arresting her and jailing her long-term for theft. In Sosua we daily see law abuse in action – NOT real law enforcement!

Who is being affected:

  • All precious tourists who come to enjoy their vacation
  • Hard working business owners
  • The local traders who provide services for the tourists many needs
  • The food store owners
  • The clothing shops
  • The beauty Salons
  • Cigar lounges
  • Cafes
  • Night Clubs
  • Transport companies or workers,
  • and more + all their families…


Because Police and military has received the green light to bully Sosua’s businesses/economy, it also triggers tens of thousands of communications internationally about the nonsense happening in Sosua, again scaring away thousands of extra tourists.

Building an economy to be strong, takes time just like building a wooden house, but an evil person can burn it to the ground quickly if you let him. So it’s time to do your bit to fight this BS, spread the word!

Bar owners need to be brave against uniformed destructive bullies, and get their lawyer to supply them with proof that there is no law that isolates Sosua to close for business at midnight, while i.e. Cabarete can stay open til early morning like both towns should be able to do. It’s time to set the boundaries straight with these corrupt culprits!

“Things left by themselves – only go from bad to worse!”

Source: Anonymous

July 18, 2016

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  1. dinosinc

    who is the large seaside development ?

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