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What is happening to the 4% for education?

According to a new report, “The Quality of Education Expenditure in Dominican Republic: An Exploratory Analysis since the 4%,” presented last week by Business Action for Education (Educa), in 2013 the Ministry of Education spent RD$4,338,669 on the purchase of 100 mobile telephones for district directors, equivalent to around RD$43,387 per phone. Educa said that there is no evidence that high-quality cell phones lead to improved education results and is asking why the cost of each phone exceeded the actual market price.

The report also queries other expenses by the Ministry since the budget for Education was increased to 4% of GDP, some of which it describes as inefficient and useless. Other expenses include RD$55 million on overseas travel during 2014 by around 40 senior staff, which works out at RD$1.7 million per person.

In addition, in 2014, the Ministry spent more than RD$14 million on counseling, an increase of over RD$13 million over the previous year.

However the main part of that expense was the hiring of a legal consultant but there is no evidence that the additional expenditure was used effectively.

Source: DR1. DiarioLibre

Sep 29, 2016

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