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Warning about scooter and car rental scams in Sosua and Cabarete

When renting a car or scooter there are more than one way that the rental agency can cause trouble to you.

A big warning sign that you are dealing with a scammer is that they will try to get you to leave your original passport with them – walk away! as you don’t want this hassle, especially if you’re heading for your flight out.

When renting a car or a scooter, make sure you check all functions and make a video of any dents, cracks or scratches. Negotiate a 1/2 hour test drive to spot any strange noises, broken cables etc..

Also ensure to mention the date and time of that video, and while filming swing the camera onto the rental agent himself so it’s clear it was filmed at the time of rental. If any situation arrises where you have to buy a broken part, then make sure you’ve negotiated upfront that you will buy any parts yourself from I.e. Pappaterra and have your own mechanic mount it on. Many rental agents lie about the true cost of parts and installation, and will easily charge RD3000+ for something that in reality cost them RD300-600 pesos. Motorbike parts are fairly inexpensive, so don’t let yourself get scammed!

Source: NPN Admin

March 13, 2016

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