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Wallet is latest clue in missing person case of Darryl Fornatora

Almost two months into the search for missing 46-year old Darryl Fornatora, a diver, Andy Moran, reported to the Police that he had found Fornatora’s wallet containing US$466 in cash, many partially burned bills.

Fornatora’s father Gilbert said that it was strange that the wallet had been found at the same time as the news media began its coverage of the loss.

As reported, Florida tennis pro Darryl Fornatora had traveled to Cabarete for a surfing holiday. CBS 12 news station traveled to Cabarete to follow up on the findings of the police investigation into the case. Fornatora, the director of the Lake Park Tennis Center in West Beach, Florida, disappeared on 27 January 2016 during a weeklong surfing trip in Puerto Plata with a friend, Matt Rigby.

The wallet was found off the coast of Cabarete on Thursday, 17 March.

According to a CBS 12 timeline, Rigby told Fornatora’s family that two days into the trip Darryl became paranoid, saying that they “were being set up,” though by whom and how Rigby did not, or could not, say.

That day, January 27, the pair were in a surf shop in downtown Cabarete when, Rigby says, Fornatora walked out of a side door and vanished. Rigby was paying for something when he stepped out, and by the time he could chase after him, he was gone.

The next day Rigby returned to the US with Fornatora’s surfboard and computer. On January 29, back on US soil, he called Fornatora’s parents and told them what had happened.

Rigby flew back to the Dominican Republic from January 30 to February 1 and met with investigators, but returned to the US with no new information.

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