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Venezuelans facing migratory problems in DR

The president of the Association of Venezuelans in the Dominican Republic, Roman Briceño has complained that there have been cases of employers who contract Venezuelans who do not have legal status here and when it is time to pay the Venezuelans their due wages, the employers notify the Migration Agency of the irregular immigration status of the affected workers simply having to avoid paying immigrants.

Briceño observed that what used to happen to the Haitians is now happening to Venezuelans. The Dominican Labor Code protects illegal workers from employer abuse, offering the same benefits as a legal worker if a claim is placed with the corresponding authorities.

Briceño nevertheless complained that in many cases the employers are getting away with these abuses aimed at Venezuelans and the employers have not been penalized.

He called for Dominicans to have solidarity with the Venezuelans. He said most Venezuelans have had to migrate due to the political situation in Venezuela.

Being interviewed on Channel 7, Enfoque Matinal from CDN, Briceño said that Venezuelans have also been arbitrarily arrested. He spoke of cases of Venezuelans having been held for three days after which they are released with the authorities admitting that they had erroneously arrested the Venezuelans.

He said many of those caught here illegally have been detained at the Detention Center in Haina prior to their deportation. For those who are to return to Venezuela, the association has had to provide travel funds because the individuals and their families affected are cashless.

Most Venezuelans enter on a tourist visa. Briceño advocated that for those who find work, the tourist cards be extended for 12 months. Nevertheless, the Venezuelans, once here, are finding out the hard way that to get an extended work visa, they have to return to Venezuela and from there start the migratory process. This is costly and difficult. Moreover, he said there are many cases where the Venezuelans change employers, and then they have to start the work visa process all over again.

Briceño confirmed there were more than 25,000 Venezuelans living in the country and around 50,000 who travelled here frequently to buy products. He said many are traveling here to evaluate the country as an option for them to relocate.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Dec 21, 2016

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