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Torrential rains in the region have caused the overflow of water

PUERTO PLATA Torrential rains that occur in the region have caused the overflowing of rivers and streams in the province of Puerto Plata. This have generated severe flooding for more than 300 homes and millions of pesos in public and private infrastructure damage.

The rainstorm since last Friday has been persistent throughout the geography of this province, caused the overflow of rivers, Bajabonico, Bishop, Unijica, Caonao, Cordovín, Maimon, Los Canos, San Marcos, Violon, Muñoz, Camú , Sosúa, Bella Vista, Old Mother, Yásica and streams that flooded dozens of homes, roads and walls collapse in houses, schools, while they undermined the structure of several roads leaving many isolated communities.

Relief agencies and the Committee on Prevention, Mitigation and Response (PMR) headed by the provincial governor, Dr. Ivan Rivera, have toured the communities affected by flooding where it was found that the flooding of several homes took in localities Part west, while in the municipality of Sosúa, water pressure tore down the wall of the perimeter fence of the school teacher Jeremiah Green and polytechnic Kerry Joseph Morel, schools whose physical structure were semi destroyed.

In that order, the overflow of Bajabonico rivers and Bishop razed several homes in the sectors Yaguita, La Pangola and La Marina in the town of Imbert, also waters penetrated most of the residences in Angostura communities, so the mayor of that jurisdiction, Jose Tomas Diaz Cruz, is asking for urgent assistance from government authorities, while dozens of houses were flooded in, in the municipality of Luperon borough Belloso.

A similar situation occurred in the municipality of Guananico, where according to the mayor Ramon Alberto Dorrejo, this region is in a state of emergency with dozens of flooded homes after the river penetrated to humble dwellings where all the regalia was, while several rural communities are completely isolated.

According to a tour conducted by this writer in the head municipality Puerto Plata, floods in major local streets and avenues through clogged storm drains occurred while the flooding of the San Marcos River, caused heavy flooding housing sectors Monte Verde, Los Rieles, El Javillar, Nuevo Renacer (Sewer) and West Beach, while vehicular traffic was paralyzed for more than three hours in the Puerto Plata-Playa Dorada road due to flooding of the Muñoz river.

It said that heavy rains caused urban flooding of homes, streets and avenues in Torre Alta II, The Masters, General Construction Gregorio Luperon Ensanche Dubeau (Alleys), La Viara, Las Mercedes, Los Coquitos and other neighborhoods in the lower part Puerto Plata, while in the municipality of Montellano, overflow Camú river flooded dozens of homes so military Air Force Dominican Republic (FARD) under the command of the pilot Colonel Juan Dario Tejada Quintana, came to help people affected by the rains.

Finally, in Sosúa regional authorities of the Ministry of Education suspended teaching on Monday in the polytechnic Jose Morel La Union and the school, almost all are destroyed by the collapse of walls, cracks and the entry of a large amount of water with mud, stones and trash both educational campuses.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Nov 7, 2016

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