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The Rediscovery of the Lost Sage of Constanza

Accion-salva-una-especie has been searching for “The Lost Sage of Constanza” (Salvia praeterita) since 2013. This species has not been found since 1975. In autumn 2014 we found about six small sage plants near Constanza. The plants were not in flower, so we could not ID the species, the dry fruit of the plants contained however about 10 small seeds.

What’s the best thing to do in this situation? We got 10 seeds of a sage plant that might (or might not) be something special? We decided to send these seeds to a real Salvia enthusiast. Somebody who would love them and care for them, even if they were a common sage species. So we send the seeds to Rolando Uria. Rolando is not only a sage expert, but also a profesional gardener and a close friend!

In summer 2015 Miquel Angel Abreu Santos and me revisited the site in Constanza and we finally found the plants in flower. It was immediately clear that these 6 plants were in fact the world population of the long “Lost Sage of Constanza”. So the 10 seeds we had send to Rolando the year before, suddenly got very very important.

Rolando managed to raise three plants from these seeds, thereby increasing the known world population by 50%! And now they are in flower (see the picture below!)!! While this is a big success for Rolando Uria and Accion-salva-una-especie this sage species is still far from saved. Visit the website of to find out what happened to the 50 seeds we found in 2015 and to support our ongoing efforts to save The Lost Sage of Constanza.


March 12, 2016

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