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The next financially destructive rule by Sosua’s municipality just got implemented last night

financially destructive rule by Sosua's municipality financially destructive rule by Sosua's municipality

Last night (Wednesday, Oct 5th), the Police was threatening selected bar and restaurant owners to remove all tables and chairs from the outside of their establishments to create walking space for the thousands of family tourists (that still aren’t here!), only aggravating our few valued existing tourists even further, as now they can no longer sit down and enjoy a drink or outdoor chat with friends or socialize, but instead have to be confined to much darker and stuffier rooms during broad daylight which only the older harder drinkers will tolerate.

In other words, the stupidity of Sosua’s destruction caused by this Municipality continues, after an already crazy decision to close all bars early.

It seems clear they don’t want the existing tourists street folk or bar\club owners to stay here, so the harassment – threats – bullying – arrests and extortions continue!

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