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Sosua’s Sigma threatens to stop

In early 2004, the Mexican company Sigma has acquired the dairy and meat factory ‘Productus Sosúa. The company was founded by the Jewish community in 1943. In the beginning the factory processed milk into dairy products like cheese, butter and yogurt and sold them. In 1945 the factory was expanded with the production of meat products. As the last director and co-owner Herman Strauss could not find a successor, the shareholders decided to sell the company in early 2000.

The Mexican company Sigma bought it and thus became the new owner. Soon the production of meat was relocated. And Sigma recently announced that it will stop buying the milk which is daily delivered by 23 farmers in the immediate area of Sosúa. It is about 25,000 liters per day. For farmers, this is a disaster because Sigma is almost the only buyer for their milk. Previously Sigma bargained a reduction of 2 to 3 pesos a liter of milk. The past year was dramatic. The months-long drought in the summer of 2015 made it very difficult to survive for many farmers. The meadows were withered and farmers were forced to buy fodder. For this, they had to borrow a lot of money. The threat now of Sigma to stop buying their milk will be catastrophic for many farmers. It will mean the doom for many farmers.
Source: El Faro

April 9, 2016

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