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Sosua’s man complains about extortion by Police officers

PUERTO PLATA – Apparently corrupt and improper practices are still present in the “Modus Operandi” of some members of the National Police, since last Monday night a young man was arrested  in the town of Sosúa without justification, and to be released he was taken a large sum of money from.

The young man, Odalis Peralta, publicly denounced “this bad habit” of two police officers assigned to the Central Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DICRIM), who detained him without any reason when he was looking for his wife who works in a bench lottery in El Batey section of Sosua, near the City Hall. Upon reaching the police station the agents vulgarly robbed him for a considerable sum of money he was carrying on him.

Through tears Peralta reported to the journalist and lawyer Fabio Garcia: “Abusively, I was arrested by two members of DICRIM – the whitey and another one called the Red commander, when I was looking for my wife, who I checked in more than three times, but the agents arrested me because in my pocket I had the sum of 20,000 pesos borrowed from a cooperative for my wife and I are trying to survive honestly .”

Peralta stated that when they were in the guardhouse, police officers stripped him off the money he had in his pockets and locked him without giving a reason until 11:00 pm. Then they  threatened him to put drugs if he did not give them the money, so he had to stay in the cell until Tuesday morning, when then he had to agree to give the agents 13,000 pesos. What’s more, he made a complaint to the Sosúa Fiscalia, but surprisingly, they ignored him.

The action of police extortion has been described as a great abuse by dozens citizens who know Peralta and define him as a hardworking and honest man, the father of 5 children, who with his woman work like oxen to look after their offspring. So the public called the attention of the authorities of the Public Ministry and the National Police to investigate the case and take corrective measures.

Peralta mentioned that for a moment he was afraid that the police would  kill him to take his money, which is completely ironic that citizens have to be more cautious of the Police rather than criminals. Clearly, the Sosua and Puerto Plata area are known for violations by the law enforcement institution.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital
March 16, 2016

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  1. StevieB

    It’s rather sad that the police who are supposed to protect the citizens of this country have to resort to such measures, if this is correct, to afford to survive. The country and the town should ensure that the police are paid a healthy salary. The mayor should look into this and provide direction to the police chief. Sosua is very tourist oriented and actions like this does not help the tourist economy and the locals travelling to Sosua

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