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Sosúa’s Bars are again closed at midnight

In Sosúa, Punta Cana and other tourist towns, it is not that obvious. But crime has risen significantly in the Dominican Republic, according to the government and churches. Especially drug trafficking with its by-products seems to be to blame. President Danilo Medina has taken drastic measures to address these problems. First, there are extra police officers and soldiers sent onto the streets to eliminate the crime. He also ordered strict compliance with the closing times for bars and restaurants. From Thursday, July 7th places where alcoholic beverages are sold should close their doors at midnight. On weekends they should close their doors at 2 AM.
The entire main street (Pedro Clisante) in Sosúa is now in turmoil. Many tourists are deeply disappointed that the Merengue bar, disco D’ Classico, Rumba Bar and Rancho Típico turn off the music at 12 pm and close the bar.

There will be a lot of police in the streets in order to strictly enforce the new regulation. Many bar and restaurant owners feel severely disadvantaged. There’s been a call for a protest meeting. The president should reconsider the closure regulation for the tourist towns.

Source: Sosua News

July 9, 2016


The Government and Police are again repeating their stupidity by even further interrupting and harassing the bars and nightclub owners by threatening to close their businesses, if they keep trading after midnight.

Governments always try to use excuses for their interruption of business and people’s lives like “we are fighting crime.” Well, let’s then start getting rid of the biggest criminals first – CORRUPT GOVERNMENT – Generals and Police. After this huge clean-up, let’s see some real “law enforcement” rather than the daily felt “law abuse” done by all the uniformed/armed government troops. The petty thief will only disappear or respect laws when true law enforcement exists. So let’s focus on the true culprits first. “If the fish stinks – it stinks from the head!” A good police officer is like a good waiter in a restaurant – “there when needed and hardly noticed when not needed”. Here the police are rarely there when it actually counts, and if you involve them when you’ve been victimized, then usually you get even more victimized by the Police who will extort you for money or they will twist things around as though you were the criminal. Most criminals we see around here all wear uniforms – and this is who should be shut down first!

UPDATE: Who is behind the early closing hours for Sosua’s bars

In the article about early closing hours in Sosúa we wrote it was the authority of the president. In reality, it is mainly the board of ADSS (Association for Sustainable Development of Sosúa), which is the driving force behind this measure and they have asked the government for years to undertake fierce action against prostitution and drug crime. For the past few months, there have been many meetings between the board of ADSS and the Public Ministry, the Ministry of the Interior and Police, the Ministry of Tourism, the Mayor of Sosúa, Tourist Police (CESTUR), National Police and the Traffic Police ( AMET). Noteworthy is that the early closing hours do not apply to Cabarete. With these early closing times and closing the Rumba Bar and Disco D’ Classico the aim is to combat prostitution and drug-related crime. According to ADSS, Sosúa will be much more attractive to families and retirees.

Source: Sosua News

July 12, 2016

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  1. L S Carpenter

    this is the twentieth most corrupt country in the world , Haiti is in fourth place , you don’t expect things to change ,

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