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Sosua Traffic Police checking cars for Marbete

Every car owner had until January 8th the opportunity to pay the car tax for his car. As proof of payment, the car owner receives a sticker, a Marbete, which must then be stuck on the left side of the windshield. On Friday, January 8th, at the offices where you could buy a Marbete, people were standing in line to get one on this last day to prevent receiving a fine if Amet catches you. But many drivers still drive around without Marbete.
The traffic police (AMET) in Sosúa knows this, they are checking everywhere for these ‘Marbete-lacking’ cars. AMET officers are checking for offenders even at the village roads. At the traffic police office, dozens of cars arrive that are fined driving without Marbete. They need to pay an extra 600 peso to purchase the Marbete and on top of that the offenders receive a 1000 peso fine.

Source: Sosua News

Jan 14, 2016

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