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Sloppy prosecution kills a case before it starts

The Dominican Alliance Against Corruption (Adocco) has described last week’s raids and the simultaneous shutdown of three clinics as a serious error, saying that the action was riddled with procedural irregularities that end up forcing the authorities to reverse the order.

As reported in Acento, Adocco says that the clinics could not be shut down without being given a timeframe. They were also shut down after 6pm without a warrant from a judge, as is established by law.

Adocco points out that the prosecution authorities have repeatedly made procedural errors that end up causing these cases to collapse, and the judges carry the responsibility.

Adocco also criticized the practice of releasing information on the cases to the media during the investigative stage. He said that it is common practice to leak information about corruption cases involving former government officials to be judged by the media and the court of public opinion, as has been the Tucanogate (involving a former Minister of the Armed Forces) and senator Felix Bautista cases.

Commenting on the case of the disappearance of 10-year old Carla Massiel Cabrera, Adocco stated that the culprits must be found and whoever is responsible should be brought to justice. “But instead, they close down establishments with great fanfare, affecting the reputations of doctors whose only relationship with the centers is to have rented an office, not to mention the employees and shareholders who have nothing to do with the case, when the role of the Public Ministry is to represent society and these are citizens whose rights are being violated”, states Adocco.

Adocco says that the Attorney General definitely needs to be able to put together a team with managerial qualities, instead of taking the populist route by exposing the cases in social networks and traditional media.

Source: DR1, Hoy

Aug 30, 2016

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