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Restricted airspace in the Dominican Republic

The flight of an airplane over the Presidential Palace in Santo Domingo earlier this week, by a former Air Force officer who was distributing campaign pamphlets for his election as a senator, set off alarms and led the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) to suspend retired general Rafael Percival Pena’s pilot’s license. The IDAC has also launched an investigation into the incident. One might ask, why all the fuss?

Basically, for national security the regulations in the Dominican Republic identify 13 points around the country that are considered to be off-limits for aircraft, with flights either highly restricted or prohibited. The Presidential Palace is one of these sites.

IDAC’s Aeronautical Information Department has published these prohibited airspaces on its website. Besides the Presidential Palace the list includes the President’s house, the Ministry of Defense, the San Isidro Air Base, the 27 February Naval Base, the Dominican Army Combat Support Command and the First Brigade Army Base, the Naval Base at Las Calderas, the firing range at the Cerro del Burro and the areas surrounding Alto Bandera.

There are other restricted areas as identified on the maps on the website as well as a series of dangerous areas such as the area surrounding the Dominican Oil Refinery.

Source; DR1, DiarioLibre

May 5, 2016

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