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Residents of Sosua are desperate for water

Residents of Sosúa neighborhoods (Charamicos, Playa Chiquita, Playa Laguna) are desperate because of the lack of supply of tap water. Serious leaks in the waterworks? We don’t know, but we do know that the water supply has been lacking in parts of Sosúa for months now.

The people affected are usually very poor people who are now forced to fetch water from far away to their homes. Despite promises made by the management of the water company CORAAPPLATA, to solve the problem in the short term, still nothing happened to solve the problem. The residents including many housewives, shouted that they are tired and desperate by the months-long absence from tap water. The housewives are now threatening with a major uprising. They do hope their complains reach President Danilo Medina. They also want to form a delegation consisting to go to Santo Domingo to ask the president for help.
Source: Costa Norte TV

Source: Sosua News

Sep 26, 2016

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  1. Alexa

    This problem of the lack of water has the reason in corruption !!!
    We had this year enough rain ( not that dry like the summer 2015)
    They are succing money for private orders and delivery…and extrèmely dirty quality which will cause illness just using for shower.We would sign a petition in Perla Marina if somebody comes around requesting.

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