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Renewables need 40% tax break; neither sun nor wind send bills

Santo Domingo.- A prominent member of the Climate Change Combat Committee on Thursday urged to reinstate the 40% tax break that was repealed from the Renewable Energy Incentive Law, to increase generation from those sources.

Enrique de León said the legislation stipulated a 75% tax break for clean energy production projects, using wind and solar systems.

He said the country receded when Congress, to increase revenue amended the Renewable Energy Incentives Act in 2012.

The environmentalist said official and private sectors have discussed ways toward consensus leading to reinstating the incentive. “If that restitution of the incentive to renewable energy is accomplished there would be clean and cheaper energy.”

He noted that of more than 50 concessions, only two were approved. “If they had been approved, there would be more and cheaper electricity than we have now, because its cost is the capital to install it, because neither the sun nor the wind send bills.”

De Leon said the presence of such clean energy, in addition to reducing CO2, helps humanity reduce the impact of climate change. “This type of energy also has an effect for the country to replace fossils.

“If we succeed in eliminating part of the oil, gas and coal imports with renewable energy sources, it would be a great economy for the country. That’s also the only guarantee of having cheap energy. ”

Source: DT

Nov 26, 2016

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