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Public servants paid more than President – against the law

Article 5, section 6 of the Law of Salary Regulation 105-13 states that “No public servant of the Dominican state should receive a salary that is higher than the head of the state…”
However, many public servants are earning more that the President, who currently receives a salary of RD$450,000 a month.

Topping the list is the Governor of the Central Bank with a monthly salary of RD$1,146,045, not much less the President of the United States who earns the equivalent of RD$1,528,007 per month. Also at the Central Bank, the Deputy Governor earns RD$1,033,970, the manager RD$918,070 and RD$712,905 for the Deputy manager. Some directors are earning RD$483,900 each.

The director general of the Tax Office (DGII) earns a monthly salary of RD$559,600, the Banking Superintendent makes RD$999,970, the Insurance Superintendent RD$800,000, and the Superintendent of Securities, RD$700,000.

The Electricity Superintendent earns RD$596,546 a month and the head of Customs is paid RD$630,919.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Oct 13, 2016

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