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OAS apologizes to Dominican Republic

The 46th OAS General Assembly closed in Santo Domingo on Wednesday 15 June 2016 with the signing of the Declaration of Santo Domingo and the attending foreign relations ministers approving an apology statement for the OAS support for the military invasion of the Dominican Republic during the 1965 Civil War. The invasion prevented the reinstatement of the constitutionally elected government of President Juan Bosch.

The motion, which was presented by the Dominican Republic, received unanimous support from the 34 OAS member countries. The Apology Statement, number AG/CG/7/16, states that the OAS regrets the loss of human lives and expresses its condolences to the Dominican people. The statement also apologizes to the Dominican people for the actions of the April 1965 invasion that interrupted the process of reinstatement of their constitutionally elected president.

The 46th OAS General Assembly debates closed on Wednesday, 15 June 2016 with the approval by 19-12 votes of a motion presented by the Foreign Minister of Venezuela Delcy Rodriguez calling for a debate on the weak institutionalism at the OAS at a session of its permanent council. The ministers approved the proposal for a probe into the performance of OAS secretary general Luis Almagro. During the debates, Rodriguez accused Almagro of being on the payroll of the United States government to promote a coup in Venezuela.

The ministers also approved the Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People, a step towards creating sustainable development opportunities for these groups.

In an op-ed contribution to Diario Libre, former Dominican ambassador to the OAS and the United States, lawyer Flavio Dario Espinal recalls that it was the United States that sent in the intervention troops and that it sought OAS backing to legitimize the decision. Diario Libre adds that the country needs to be bold and demand an apology from the United States government, the true player in the invasion.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

June 16, 2016

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