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National park ‘El Choco’ (Cabarete) is worth a visit

From Sosúa it is only 10 miles towards Cabarete. On the left side of the road you will see a large sign which refers to the ‘Natural Park El Choco’. Make a turn and a few miles further you’ll arrive at the entrance to the park. Why is this area so special? It is an area with many thousands of years old stalactite caves. The area was used as a shelter by the Taino Indians against the raids of the Spaniards under Columbus and his son Diego. Furthermore, it is a lagoon and it is a watery area where rare plants and trees grow. Most plants and trees you find there are imported by the Spanish, French and Dutch colonists around 1600.

The coconut palm, orange, banana and mango, they are all foreign. The stalactite caves have indeed been a hiding place for the Indians. The Taino Indians were used as slaves in the gold mines by the Spanish. The slaves did everything to escape this labor and they sought a safe haven in the lagoon area of Cabarete. An area which is dangerous to walk around without knowledge. The soil is marshy and you can thus disappear into the quicksand. There is no danger today of course if you walk with the guides because they know the way. But the Spaniards didn’t dare to go there at first. At that time they used bloodhounds to trace the hiding Indians. Today some caves are accessible with a safe staircase. In one of the caves there is a pool with fresh water where visitors can take a dip. Although it’s a bit on the cool side. There are also termite nests, termites were eaten by the Indians. They seem to have a peppery flavor. The Taino Indians used the termites for seasoning the food. The trip through the area lasts an hour and a quarter and it’s an excursion that we can recommend.

Source: Sosua News

Aug 22, 2016

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