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Most vehicles in circulation in the Dominican Republic date from year 2000 or before

Overall, most vehicles in circulation in the Dominican Republic date from year 2000 or before. Vehicles manufactured from 2001-2014 make up 44.1%. But the largest number of vehicles on our nation’s roads were built before 2001 (53.4%).
Referring to statistics from the Tax Agency (DGII), El Caribe reporters found that 70% of the cars in circulation in the Dominican Republic are more than 16 years old. This situation is attributed to cars being sold and resold several times, many of which end up as dilapidated public transport vehicles. The problem is made worse by authorities who have been lax in enforcing requirements for minimum safety standards for vehicles in circulation.
The report by El Caribe also showed that 48.9% of all registered motorcycles date from the year 2000 or below.
At the end of 2015, there were 3,612,964 registered vehicle units. Of these, only 2.4% were 2015 or 2016 models.
El Caribe reports that the DGII shows that there were 773,018 cars in circulation, of which barely 5,508 units corresponded to 2015 models (5,061 units) and 2016 models (1,447 units). Vehicles manufactured in year 2000 or earlier accounted for 542,660 cars.
In the buses category, the total registered at the end of 2015 was 357,028 units of which 1,369 were made in 2015 and 366 in 2016 for 2% of total buses in circulation. Buses manufactured in 2000 or earlier were 54,461 units for 61.8%.
In the cargo category, of 392,395 units at the end of 2015, 249,598 or 63.6% were vehicles manufactured in 2000 or earlier.
The analysis showed that SUVs are the most modern of all the vehicles. With a universe of 357,028 units, only 26% had been manufactured in 2000 or earlier. There were 2,414 units model 2016 and 9,291 units model 2015 in the SUV category. 70.7% of the SUVs were manufactured from 2001-2014.

Source: DR1, Elcaribe

July 28, 2016

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