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More controls called for judiciary

During the forum “Judicial Independence” held yesterday in Santo Domingo organized by the Coalition Action for Justice and Safety, lawyer Cristobal Rodriguez called for the rescuing of the independence of the Judicial Branch from crime. He mentioned the case of the supposed judges that are being accused of being part of a mafia that marketed sentences. “Yes, we are in a situation of crisis of the administration of justice. Yes, there is a complex situation that cannot be resolved from the Judicial Branch only and that encompasses the entire power system of Dominican society,” he remarked in his presentation at the forum. He called for more control and surveillance mechanisms for the members of the Judicial Branch. “The judges need to be monitored, there should be effective control mechanisms,” he said.
In her participation in the forum, Supreme Court judge Miriam German Brito said that the country cannot aspire to healthy justice when the judge is intimidated. “If a judge is not clear about his role he will be influenced by a fear of what people will say, and that is not justice either,” said German Brito. She highlighted these are difficult times for judges, but believes judges have a debt with society that needs to be paid with their independence of criteria and impartiality.
Former Supreme Court judge, Julio Anibal Suarez observed that the judges need security in their posts. He observed several judges are transferred to less desirable posts following their issuing of certain sentences.
Lawyer Fabiola Medina identified organized crime and political interference as the main threats affecting the Judicial Branch. She acknowledged the important role lawyers have in corruption and the lack of independence of judges. She said that recent cases of corruption in the judiciary are evidence of the weak internal controls and inadequate handling of complaints. She said there are many honest judges that have denounced the irregularities of their colleagues.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Aug 2, 2016

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