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Melania Guzmán Concejal – candidate for the mayor of Sosua

Monday afternoon the editors of Sosúa-News received a phone-call from Evaristo Milo Martinez, assistant of Melania Guzmán Concejal. Melania (La Rubia) is currently councilor in the municipality of Sosúa. Her party ‘Partido Revolucionario Moderno’ (PRM) nominated her as candidate for mayor of Sosúa. On Sunday, May 15th, 2016 there will be elections in the Dominican Republic, for new municipalities with a new mayor, provincial governments, members of Congress and for a new president. In Sosúa various politicians eligible for councilor or even for Mayor are preparing for the elections. Wednesday afternoon we had a meeting in restaurant Parada Típica El Choco. First, we claimed to be completely neutral, we are not in favor or against any political party. Melania understood but wants to use Sosúa-News to reach the foreigners who visit and invest in Sosúa. She wants, if she is elected mayor, improve the contacts with foreign investors (catering and real estate entrepreneurs) in Sosúa. Many foreigners live here for 20 to 30 years and are rarely consulted by politicians. That’s why she wants to see representatives of the foreigners take a seat in the city council. She believes that Sosúa should be divided in two zones in the near future. A zone with nice bars and restaurants for families with children. And an area with nightclubs and bars for nightlife. Pedro Clisante must be transformed into an attractive pedestrian area with palm trees, decorative lighting and paving. The city council should pay more attention to the garbage disposal, paving (holes and pits) and above all improve safety.

There should be a separate legal department at City Hall that provide foreigners at normal rates, legal assistance. The service should protect foreign investors against corruption and fraud. Sosúa, according to Melania Guzmán, after all, has a lot to offer to foreign investors. It has a beautiful beach with an attractive bay, international cuisine, cultural events, bars and nightclubs. Together with foreign entrepreneurs these opportunities should be further developed. To achieve this, everyone’s contribution and support is essential. Melania wants, if she is elected for mayor, start talks with representatives of the foreign businessmen about how to improve the investment climate in Sosúa.

Melania Guzmán Concejal
Tel: 829 558 1717

Source: Sosua News

Feb 18, 2016

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