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Man named Gaspar is suspect in Fornatora case

A private investigator hired by the family of missing US tourist 45-year old Darryl Fornatora wants Dominican investigators to follow up on a man named Gaspar who had befriended Fornatora shortly before he went missing when visiting Cabarete in Puerto Plata on what would have been a weeklong surfing vacation with his friend Matt Rigby.
While the case has been closed by Dominican law enforcement authorities, the family hired former New York City policeman Bo Dietl to continue the search. He believes the Dominican law enforcement officials reached the wrong conclusion – that Fornatora had drowned when surfing. The two friends arrived on 25 January 2016, and Fornatora went missing on 27 January.
The Palm Beach Post reports that in one of their last conversations, Fornatora would have told Rigby that after visiting Sosua with Gaspar, Fornatora appeared “very nervous” and “paranoid” and blurted out: “We have to leave the country right away. This is a setup. I messed up and they know where we live.”
As reported, Fornatora packed up his belongings and escorted Rigby to a souvenir shop in Cabarate, Dietl said. Fornatora told a woman outside the store that he was in danger and wanted to leave her with contact information “in case anything happens.”
When Rigby came out of the surf shop, he couldn’t find Fornatora, he told investigators. Fornatora hasn’t been seen since.
Dietl is focusing again on Gaspar. He says that Gaspar told investigators that he took Fornatora to Sosua to show him “a different surfing spot.”
But Dietl observes: “I question why Gaspar brought Darryl to Sosua.” “My detective sense from talking to my investigators … I feel this Gaspar is holding back information that’s crucial to finding Darryl.”

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July 30, 2016

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