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Living La Vida Loca: Reality of child selling and slavery

by Julian Vigo

This following piece was adapted from Julian Vigo’s book, Earthquake in Haiti: The Pornography of Poverty and the Politics of Development.

Great news for Ricky Martin! If only all closets could be opened. What is refreshing about “coming out” a closet is the affirmation that some new consciousness might be revealed. Of course, there are always those who will say, “I knew since the day you were born,” and others who simply shrug their shoulders, finding this no news at all. Yet, opening up closets may very well produce friction, denial and anger.

My dear friends, let me tell you a very nasty story about denial—a story that begins and ends with capital, desire, and colonialism. The paradigm is here, Port-au-Prince, but the examples are numerous as “third world”i children serve as the proxies of first-world “salvation.” Far away are the crusades or the missionaries of the twentieth century to save your souls. Indeed, there are now atheists and Democrats, liberals of all shades and sizes, coming to save you—or rather, your children. “Jesus loves you” might be the theme of the day on most every tap tap, but the colonial drive of adoptions in this country is the meta-narrative of salvation, and it is the western Dollar and Euro that will do the saving. Adoption is a business in the west and its ugly anus is here in Port-au-Prince. Allow me to share with you the bowels of neoliberalism that has most every adopting parent—who has or has not cried on Sally Jessie Raphael about their desire to have a child as if this were a Maslovian first-tier necessity—couching their desire to adopt as an act of “charity.”

To begin, there are many moral issues with any approach to adoption that portends charity, aside from being utterly condescending and orientalizing…

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Sep 23, 2016

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