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Little dog saves lives, the SolGas propane station explosion

The SolGas propane station explosion on the Santo Domingo Beltway on Tuesday, 16 February 2016 made headline news with dozens of people injured, some quite seriously. However, the Valerio family can thank their little Chihuahua “Chiqui,” which raised the alarm for Joselin Valerio along with two of her children, a nephew and two grandchildren. The family members were all soundly asleep just a few meters away from the propane station. According to Valerio, the dog entered her bedroom several times barking loudly and scratching at her bed, while going in and out nervously and making lots of noise as only a Chihuahua can. When Valerio heard the dog barking she got out of bed and a she left her room she realized something was happening around her house. She rushed back into the bedrooms and began to wake up her children and grandchildren until they managed to get out moments before the explosion. Although they forgot to pick up the dog, somehow it survived but has lost its eyelashes and suffered burns to his front paws, ears and neck. According to his grateful owners, Chiqui does not want to come out from under the bed and his ears are still perked up as if he is expecting another explosion.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Feb 18, 2016

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