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JCE orders manual back-up vote count

During an eight-hour session held yesterday, Sunday 17 April 2016, the Central Electoral Board (JCE) plenary decided on a manual vote count and a ban on the use of electronics by voters at the polling stations.

In response to requests from several political parties, the JCE decided to implement a separate manual count of 15% of the votes in each voting station, to be physically transported to the municipal JCE for verification against the electronic results. The board also approved the civil society organization Participacion Ciudadana to take part as electoral observers, but stopped short of authorizing it to carry out a separate third manual vote count on election day, 15 May 2016. Participacion Ciudadana is the oldest observer group that has been accredited to monitor the election for the past few decades.

The JCE also announced that the voting times for Europe would be 8am to 8pm, in the United States and Canada 7am to 6pm. In other places, the schedule will be the same as in the DR: 8am to 6pm.

The JCE decided that all ambassadors accredited in the country have special guest status to observe the elections, according to the protocol for international guests.

This year, at the close of the vote the digital results will be transmitted to citizens online and in real time. This time, citizens will receive the results at the same time as the JCE members.

Rosario said that the use of electronic equipment n cameras, cell phones and other devices would be prohibited in the voting stations. This is to prevent voters from communicating their voting decision while inside the voting station.

Rosario said that 2,000 people would be accredited as official election observers.

The JCE reports there are 15,986 voting stations nationwide.

A total of 6,765,136 citizens are eligible to vote in the 15 May 2016 general elections, up from 6,502,968 in the 2012 election. Of this total, 351,044 are first time voters and 384,526 are eligible to vote abroad. 51.12% of the voters are based in four of the country’s 31 provinces and the National District.

They are:

Santo Domingo: 1,397,121 (20.65%)

National District 733,491 (10.84%)

Santiago: 699,430 (10.34%)

San Cristobal: 373,702 (5.52%)

La Vega: 285,150 (4.21%)

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

April 18, 2016

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