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Jails are call centers of crime

Presidential candidate for the Fuerza Nacional Progresista (FNP), a former ally of the ruling PLD, 59-year old Pelegrin Castillo says that the fact that the government has yet not blocked cell phone signals for inmates in Dominican jails is evidence of the inefficiency of public policies. A Congressional deputy from 2004 to 2014, Castillo is a lawyer with postgraduate studies in international economics and trade. He was the first Minister of Energy and Mines for one year until the FNP ended its alliance with the ruling PLD.

During an interview in Listin Diario, he said that the prevalence of drug trafficking is the root of the problems affecting public safety. He says there is a direct relationship between the airplane that brings in drugs and cell phone theft. He said there is also a relationship between domestic violence and public safety. He said that in his government he would prioritize safe maritime, ground and air borders, so that a case like that of the French pilots cannot be repeated. He said that the country’s intelligence bodies needed to undergo changes that will enable them to work jointly. The former deputy called for the creation of special jurisdictions to fight organized crime and changes to the Penal Code, which he said is tilted in favor of criminals.

Castillo also proposes to build a wall with Haiti as a priority of his government. He said he would order the wall before appointing his cabinet. “The wall would be the best foreign policy tool and would send a clear signal that the DR is no longer the pivot state for Haiti,” he said. He said that the wall did not have to be physical all along the border, but will be an instrument that ensures that only people with documentation can cross the border. In the interview he also mentioned the great potential of border provinces, where wind farms, solar farms, farming and mining can coexist. “What are needed are state policies,” he said.

“We can influence all we can in Haiti but our development cannot be dependent on what the Haitians do or do not do because they are a failed state and we cannot expose ourselves to march at their pace,” he stated.

He also said he would request the removal of US Ambassador James Brewster, who he accuses of “promoting homosexuality” in the country.

Based on his experience in Congress, Pelegrin expressed his frustration at all the work involved in passing a bill and said that laws were worthless if they are not applied. He said that political will was needed.

Pelegrin said he would create the Ministry of Family and Social Welfare to concentrate public initiatives for women, children, teenagers and elderly people, saying that the Ministry of Youth could be absorbed into this new body.

“We are proposing that the general state policy should focus on the family,” said the politician.

The FNP was a strong ally of the ruling PLD from 2004 until 2014, when the party decided to break away following differences of opinion with President Danilo Medina.

Source: Dr1, Listindiario

April 1, 2016

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