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Is prostitution being eliminated from Sosua?

If the Municipality’s priority is to remove prostitution from Sosua, well then they have seriously failed!

With all the past actions by Police in chasing, arresting, extorting, and quickly releasing the ladies in the streets, clubs and bars – all they have actually managed to do, is to chase away most of the more well behaved and classier ladies. The actual numbers of ladies in the nightlife is still the same, but now we notice a rougher and far more street smart bunch. These current ladies are not afraid to encounter the daily game of “cat and mouse” with the Police. Also more crime and nasty experiences have been afflicted onto tourists and these ladies are far more pushy and full of scams, than ladies were 5-10 years ago, according to what many expats and repeat visitors inform us.

The only way to reverse this influx of hard-core street girls, is for the government and municipality to fire their corrupt Police staff, and introduce the concept of real “law enforcement”, rather than the ongoing “law abuse” currently happening. How can the Government expect to retain pleasant ladies, guys, and vendors in tourist towns, if they scare them away? – then all we’ll be left with if the hard-core street people!

If the Government was willing to look outside their own country and learn from others, then there are many beach and tourist towns where ladies, guys and vendors mostly behave themselves, especially due to ethical yet firm law enforcement being present, and a desire among most to please and protect the tourists. This way prostitution will happen without being pushed on people like we see from the current desperate ladies, but instead in a way where no one should worry about it? Also remember that prostitution is legal here, so why do they instruct their Police to illegally chase these poor ladies in public? This aggravates tourists to watch such aggression and it stops them returning with their money!

When there’s consequences for stealing and blackmailing tourists, then the “rat bags” of society will go elsewhere or think twice before trying to victimize tourist coming here with their hard earned money! If “correct” law enforcement was implemented, then we should attract a more ethical class of locals, vendors, and over time much more tourists, and everyone will win!

Proverb:  “It’s much more effective to help people into happiness, than trying to beat them into betterment!”

Author NPN

Oct 10, 2016

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