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In Veragua, Mother filed a complaint against a teacher who abused her 8 year old daughter

Veragua, Las Marías.- This morning a young mother voiced her frustration, as a teacher of the school located in the community of Las Marias abused her 8-year-old in the school bathroom.

Marisol Gonzales Diaz, told the Press Center of, that her daughter just 8 years old was approached by a professor named Concepción, while on her way to school restroom. Once there the professor sawed the door and shutters embraced, kissed and began to fondle her small buttocks, he failed to complete his intentions, because the girl  began to mourn and for fear of being discovered he let her go.

Gonzales Diaz, said that the education authorities should immediately fire that teacher because this happened not only to her daughter, but to another child as well, but the authorities have done nothing.

The mother said, “I will go to court to seek sanctions that this misnamed professor deserves, a man is over 50 years old and he is clearly a pervert.

Marisol Gonzales Diaz, made an appeal to the Minister of Education to provide for the immediate cancellation of the teacher.

It is recalled that the Educational District of Gaspar Hernandez, is deeply challenged by the actions of teachers who sexually exploit adolescent girls, reaching the point of living with them like women, such as the Lyceum of Veragua, where teachers live with under aged students. And surprisingly, the authorities become deaf, blind, and mute.

Source: Detras Del Rumor

Oct 7, 2016

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