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In a majestic gala event the Queen of Carnival Puerto Plata 2016 was chosen

PUERTO PLATA Andrés Brugal Montane Club located at Avenida Presidente (old Colon) Caamaño was the venue for the grand celebration with an extraordinary assembly of dancing, lights and music of Puerto Plata Gala Carnival 2016, which took place last Saturday, January 30th. This year the event was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of founding of Taimáscaro.

The gala began when the presenter Antonio Heredia came on stage just 9:15 pm noting that Puerto Plata Carnival 2016 is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Taimáscaro, after the greeting speech music and dance performances began, where Aboriginal, Spanish and African roots presented. The 12 girls who competed for being the Reign of Carnival under the production and costumes by Yanco Souffront.

Heredia was running the event together with Anny Mariel Gomez, they presented the jury composed of Victor Erarte, Raudis Torres, Walter Musa, Marisol Almonte, Mayra Ramon, Milka Morales, Colonels Santana Morillo and Souffront Tamayo, Sergio Reynoso, Mirna Santos, Juan Antonio Morales, Anna Karina Souffront Ureña, Graciela Fermin, Yadira Polanco, Jakaira Cid, Carlos Troche and Giselle Vasquez.

One of the most moving moments was when the board of the Union of Carnival of Puerto Plata (UCAPPLATA) paid homage to the founders of Taimáscaro with the screening of a documentary, and presented him with a plaque recognition being received by Gregory Suero, Ramón Ramos and Idelfonso Nunez, then continued with the infectious theme song “Carnival” where the queen candidates and dancers offered a true artistic performance.

Then they proceeded to the coronation of King Momo again be the munícipe Antonio Suarez Ramon (Ramon) and 12 girls competing for the crown of Queen of Carnival 2016 in fancy costumes paraded on the stage.

The assistant to the gala of the Carnival of Puerto Plata was the singer Diomary La Mala who with his unique style and his majestic voice began to rave those present to proceed to award prizes to the Internet miss, Miss catwalk, Miss Friendship and Miss photogenic besides winning the first three places in fancy dress, bounce Hastie outgoing queen Ashley Lara and the choice of the 8 finalists of the contest.

The eight finalists were Ashley Martinez, Aquianny Lopez, Dulce Peralta, Soleimy Sanchez, Adelmys Peralta, Casey Bonseñor, Snaylin Castellanos and Audry Castellanos, of which 5 were selected , but there was a tie between two finalists from which the jury elected Miss Aquianny López as Queen of Carnival 2016 Puerto Plata.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital
Feb 1, 2016

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