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Illegal extraction of materials from River Yásica continues

PUERTO PLATA President of Cabarete Development Association (ADECA); Michael Gay Crossier, repeatedly denounced illegal logging following the Yásica river, making a huge damage to ecology, tourism and the environment of the municipal district of Cabarete under the indifferent stance and accomplice of the competent authorities.

Crossier noted that despite many complaints, yet still there the same truckers always extracted materials of that river during the day, without anyone doing anything against the damage that eventually is a problem for the country and insisted that the Ministry of Environment has to pay more attention to the problem of the extraction of materials Yásica river, which is the main source of sand to the beach of Cabarete and thus curb erosion.
“For truckers, it seems that there is no problem, because they pass on the main road from Sabaneta de Yásica to Sosúa without anyone stopping them … It is as if they feel pride for damaging such an important river and the Cabarete region said Michael Gay Crossier to provide statements Yamira Taveras journalist of the newspaper Hoy.

He addressed his letter to the Ministry of Tourism to take action against these ruining extractions.

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March 12, 2016

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