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How to vote in the DR

In the Dominican Republic, the 15 May 2016 general election is actually three elections in one n presidential, legislative and municipal. Voters at the polling stations will receive three ballots, one for each election.

The voters will enter the voting center (usually a school or other community building) and looks for the allocated voting station within the center as indicated on the voter ID (cedula). There will be different lines by sex. When entering the actual voting station, the voter hands the ID to the secretary of the station who will check it electronically against the voting list. The voter then needs to enter a fingerprint in the fingerprint reader. If cleared, the voter will receive three ballots that need to be stamped and signed, and not previously marked. The actual vote is carried out. The voting slip is then folded in four so that the stamp and the signature are on the outside. The person retrieves the ID before leaving the station.

For the presidential vote (Ballot A), an X should be marked in the box corresponding to the candidate supported by a particular political party. Different political parties may back the same candidate. Only one box needs to be marked. If more than one box is marked, the ballot will be invalidated.

For the legislative vote, (Ballot B), an X should be marked in the name of the deputy of choice. This will automatically allocate a vote to the senator for that political party, regardless whether the senator of the same party is marked or not. If the senator alone of one party is marked, the votes will be assigned to the deputies in the order listed, depending on how many votes the senator receives. It is not possible to mark an X for the senator of one party and the deputy of another. Doing this will invalidate the ballot.

For the municipal vote, mark an X for the mayor of your choice.

Note that you can vote for president for one party, for legislator for another party, and for mayor for another. What you cannot do is vote for senator of one party and deputy of another.

Once the votes are marked, the votes then are cast in the individual boxes corresponding to President (A), legislators (B) and mayors (C).

It is important to note that handbags, cell phones and other electronic devices will not be allowed inside the voting stations.

The voting stations should be open by 6am and are scheduled to close at 6pm. The Santo Domingo Metro and OMSA buses will be offering free transport on the day.

All schools are closed on Monday and will reopen on Tuesday, 17 May 2016.

Source: DR1

May 14, 2016

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