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How To Earn Cash Flow And Support A New Life In The Dominican Republic

Todd Schlosser came to the┬áDominican Republic from Ohio 11 years ago. The plan was to rent a house for a few weeks with a friend in resort-town Puerto Plata. After a couple of weeks on the island, Todd decided to stay. It was winter, and the thought of returning to snowy Ohio wasn’t appealing.

More than that, Todd had fallen in love with the active DR lifestyle, the low cost of everything, and, more than anything, the Dominicans themselves.

Like many who fall for the Dominican Republic on vacation, Todd knew the touristy area where he’d spent his holiday was not the place to try to build a new life. He asked around, took buses to visit different towns, and finally found┬áLas Terrenas.

In his mid-40s and not ready for retirement, Todd wanted to build a business. His first ideas were based on his own experiences in the country. He tried to capitalize on what he had enjoyed and believed others would enjoy as well. He’d had fun exploring the island by ATV, so he bought several, which he then rented out to tourists who managed to find their way to remote Las Terrenas.

Not a bad business idea, but the population of Las Terrenas 10 years ago couldn’t support it. Todd was having fun but struggling through unpredictable cycles of feast and famine. When a group of tourists found their way to town, life was good, but when tourists were few, things got tough. Plus, it’s not easy to keep vehicles in good working order in this kind of environment. The salt air is harsh, the roads back then were rugged, and sourcing replacement parts was a challenge.

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Feb 26, 2016

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