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Holland couple recalls traumatic medical scare in Dominican Republic

HOLLAND, Mich. – A husband and wife from Holland are still shaken after a traumatic medical scare while on a trip to the Dominican Republic.

It was supposed to be the honeymoon they never had, celebrated on their 10th wedding anniversary.  But Mandy and Jason’s Chmielewski’s dream trip became a nightmare when Jason suffered a seizure on the plane on the way home.

Mandy said her husband told her he felt like he was going to be sick and then began convulsing.  The plane turned around and went back to the Dominican Republic, where the hospital they went to demanded money before they would treat him.

“They started to treat Jason a little bit,” says Mandy Chmielewski, “And before they would treat him further they demanded $5,000 from me. They said they couldn’t treat him unless I gave them $5,000.”

Mandy says she was alone in a foreign country was shocked the hospital was trying to extort them.

“All they wanted was money, and I was like how can you do this to me while my husband is convulsing and screaming in pain and you won’t help him,” said Mandy Chmielewski.

The doctors finally transported Jason to a bigger hospital to treat his seizures,  but the ambulance driver also demanded money to move him.

The couple had to endure the trauma at three hospitals in two days before getting flown to a hospital in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

“All I could think about was, “oh my God we’re going home. Thank God we’re going back to a place that actually gives a crap about us,’” said Mandy Chmielewski.

Mandy remains at Jason’s side as he recovers. Doctors still have not diagnosed what’s wrong with him, but think he may have contracted a virus from a mosquito. Jason is unconscious and has some brain swelling. He also may have heart damage from the seizures.

Mandy is also concerned about finances. They’re facing some serious hardships from both parents not working during this ordeal.


May 18, 2016

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