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Highlights of positive impact on Puerto Plata communities left by Carnival Cruise Fathom

PUERTO PLATA Thousands of foreign volunteers who travel aboard the Carnival cruise MV Fathom Adonia from North America, from April 19 to date have created a very positive impact on diverse communities of Puerto Plata by running charitable actions.

Fathom is the tenth and newest brand of Carnival Corporation, under the new scheme called “Impact Travel” which collaborates with social development in important areas, especially education, environment, and economy, implementing in Puerto Plata a new type of cruise that combines wanderlust with the desire to do good and create a sustainable and lasting social impact on local communities.

Cruise passengers of MV Adonia Fathom participate in a number of activities in partnership with the Dominican Institute for Integral Development (IDDI) and the company TRAINS, such as work on behalf of Environment reforestation and construction of nurseries for timber plants and fruit, where they have already planted more than 9,660 tree species planted between plants and seeds.

According to the explanation by Gerónimo Chottin, the reforestation days take place twice a month at the Loma Isabel de Torres, Laguna de Cabarete and Yásica Arriba where timber trees such as mahogany, oak and Saman are planted, as well as fruit such as orange, guava and sea grape with the firm objective that over time the new plants will contribute to a more nutrient-rich soil, reducing soil loss, improving the quality of air and water, increasing biodiversity localized, and increased agricultural yields.

Chottin said the activities involved where travelers also contemplates the Cooperative Cocoa and Chocolate (Chocal) in Altamira where the current date have been cleaned about 708.75 pounds of beans or cocoa nibs with 12 thousand 733 bars wrapped chocolates and tourists involved in the entire production cycle which helps improve this production, but also sales increase and will be helping the organization to pay the current debt and prosper, so you can hire more local women, providing income a region with few employment opportunities, improving the quality of life of the locals.

While the director of Fathom Travel in the Dominican Republic; Ambra Attus, told us that actions also include the Cooperative Recycled Paper (Repapel) in the El Javillar, where the practical support of volunteer help and the cooperative to grow in all aspects, because it has provided a stable and safe place to work outside the home, as well as increase group productivity and income opportunities to the extent that employees report higher general welfare where there have been some two thousand sheets of recycled paper.

Attus also told us about the project of  Cement Floors (Concrete Floors) running in the same sector The Javillar where removal of the homes of poor families mostly where there are children and single mothers where is has been installed and cement floors to more than 7 houses, where volunteers helped with their physical and practical support in building cement floors thus helping to create healthier, safer living and allow a better quality of life homes.

Also, the impact on education is highlighted by programs Youth and Community Empowerment through teaching English in communities and schools, where about 728 students and members of the community of El Cupey, San Marcos and Maimon has benefited each about 7.5 hours of interaction with English speakers, covering the first three lessons of the curriculum.

The participation of volunteers in English classes not only helps to improve the level of student learning and adult community members, but allows an important cultural exchange and increases employment opportunities, but also students and adults are more engaged in their learning.

Finally, this production of water filters where tourists involved in that activity work in the production of water filters, so that more people can have access to clean water and through the work of Fathom travelers, and about 156 households have access to potable water where recipients experience a significant reduction in cases of water-borne diseases, and indirect benefits include a decrease in absence from work and better school attendance.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

May 27, 2016

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