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High number of femicides raise experts’ concern

Santo Domingo.- Abused Women Assistance Association (PACAM) president Soraya Lara on Sunday said they´re concerned with the number of women killed by their partners or former partners just this year which impacts society.

“We express our deep concern with the fact that once a woman decides to denounce her aggressor right at the time of a perceived increased risk of death from the history of domestic violence, the authorities fail to appreciate the danger and appropriate vigilance,” Lara said.

She said it´s understood that once a woman decides to denounce her aggressor, the criteria that her life is in danger should be taken into account, or even the aggressor himself, which can lead to femicide-suicide, and also that of their children.

“It is extremely important that these risk factors are considered by the actors in the system of care and protection to the victims of the scourge of domestic violence.”

“Not taking into account the allegations and whether judicial or therapeutic, to the complaint of physical, psychological or economic aggression by the victim, is the unfortunate result of the increase in femicide statistics,” she said.

The expert in partner violence said numerous, specialized studies by psychologists and psychiatrists reveal concern with the murders of couples. “It´s agreed that certain variables and risk factors must be taken into account, among them the long history of physical abuse and psychological threats and concrete experiences of more violence with physical injury or death; pathological jealousy and intense level of attachment as cornerstones of femicide.”

Source: DT

Jan 11, 2016

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