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Forbes: The most powerful women in the country

In its current issue, Forbes publishes a list of the top 50 most influential Dominican women. The list includes women who have made their mark in business, sports, fashion, communication, and other areas.

The magazine points out that there are good and bad points when it comes to women’s progress in the country. For instance, women make up the majority of university students nationwide, but they still earn 20% less than men in the same posts, and hold only 30% of management posts, according to statistics from the Ministry of Women.

The Forbes ranking is:

1. Margarita Cedeno, Vice President of the Republic.
2. Amelia Vicini, Inicia Educacion
3. Candida Montilla, First Lady of the Dominican Republic
4. Mercedes Ramos, CEO Grupo Ramos
5. Ligia Bonetti, CEO Grupo SID
6. Melba Segura, president Fundacion Sur Futuro
7. Lina Garcia, president Association of Industries of the North Region (Airen)
8. Cruz Amalia Rodriguez, president Cementos Cibao
9. Cristina Lizardo, president of the Senate
10. Haydee Kuret, senior vice president Grupo Punta Cana
11. Noris Perello, executive vice president Industrias Banilejas
12. Mercedes Capellan, general director Grupo M
13. Mercedes Canalda, executive president Adopem bank
14. Dominique Bluhdorn, president Fundacion Centro Cultural Altos de Chavon
15. Mary Esther Valiente, president Fundacion Quereme Como Soy
16. Paola Santana, chief operating officer and cofounder Matternet
17. Mary Fernandez, founding partner Headrick Rizik Alvarez & Fernandez
18. Oriett Domenech, fashion designer
19. Luisa Fernandez, executive director National Council of Free Zones
20. Circe Almanzar, vice president Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic
21. Yvette Marichal, general director of DGCine
22. Laura Amelia Guzman, director and movie producer
23. Zaura Muniz, founder Terra Verde
24. Maria Marte Sanchez, chef
25. Luz Melecia, president Chocal
26. Linda Valette, executive president Banesco bank
27. Alicia Ortega, investigative journalist
28. Nuria Piera, investigative journalist
29. Maria Antonia Esteva, president of the securities brokers association
30. Yeni Reynoso, National District prosecutor
31. Rita Mella, New York judge
32. Jenny Polanco, fashion designer
33. Kirsys Jaquez, president Association of Pension Fund Management Companies
34. Isabel Turull, president Grupo Agape
35. Maria Menicucci, president Menicucci
36. Xiomara Dajer, president Patronato Benefico Oriental
37. Clarissa de la Rocha, deputy governor Central Bank
38. Maria Waleska Alvarez, president NAP del Caribe
39. Marisol Vicens, partner Headrick Rizik Alvarez y Fernandez
40. Maribel Pichardo, Fundacion Escuela Serrania
41. Bethania de la Cruz, captain of the national women’s volleyball team.
42. Rosario Sang, president of the Camara de las Tecnologias de Informacion y Comunicacion
43. Katerine Motyka, CEO Jompeame
44. Rosalba Valerio, national cycling champion
45. Margarita Cordero, winner of the national journalism award
46. Angela Hernandez, winner national literature award

Source: DR1, Acento

June 28, 2016

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